Defective products not only fail to live up to our expectations but also cause injuries leaving us with hardship and pain. To ensure that one receives compensation for the damage caused by a defective product, it is recommended to take help of the consumer protection law. Product liability is that legal area which deals with liability on the part of the wholesaler, manufacturer, or retailer of a product that has caused them harm or injury. Other parties who can be held responsible for your damage/injuries include the assembler, the maker, the seller or the store selling the product and so on.

Before the claim is considered successful, product liability claims need the state of affairs to be proven. Such circumstances involve design defects, manufacturing defects, and/or failure-to-warn marketing defects.

If an injury is caused to you or someone else you know by any defective product, the individual will be liable for compensation under the legal doctrine of “strict liability.” This would hold the manufacturer responsible for the defective product that caused the injury.

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