Auto Accidents

Auto Accidents

Every year, thousands of auto accident cases are registered in the United States. Some of the more serious ones have caused severe injuries. In fact, motor accidents continue to be one of the major reasons behind wrongful death cases in the United States. Majority of car accidents show that the faul

Property Damage

Property damage can occur due to many reasons. What is important is that you know what is covered by your insurance policy. There are many policies that are not legally binding and as such, it becomes all the more difficult to make compensation claims. There are two important aspects of a property i

Construction Accidents

Construction sites are highly prone to accidents that cause severe damage or may even lead to death. According to reports, in the year 2010, out of 4206 workers, 774 had lost their lives in construction accidents. After further studies, it was found that the reasons for these deaths were none other

Boating Accidents

Although a much-loved outdoor activity and relaxing sport, boating leads to several accidents causing serious injuries, and even death. The waterways are as much testimony to accidental deaths as the highways are. Negligence in the form of excessive speed, the absence of proper lookout, inattention

Diminished Value

Diminished Value, or DV, refers to the loss associated with a damaged vehicle. Every year, traffic accidents are increasing in number, causing damage to thousands of vehicles. As per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, every 10 seconds there is a motor vehicle collision in the United